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Viveve for Vaginal Rejuvenation (looseness, dryness, pain, urinary incontinence)

Have you been frustrated with how you feel "down there?" Want to feel and look younger down under? Have you heard about the non-surgical options for vaginal rejuvenation or restoration to improve stress urinary incontinence (peeing when you laugh, cough, sneeze, jump)? Well, Viveve™ does even more than improve urinary symptoms. It also improves the symptoms of female sexual dysfunction such as vaginal looseness, dryness, and painful intercourse. Viveve is the first and only non-surgical device created by a women's health company FOR women's intimate health with approval in over 68 countries including clinical studies submitted to the FDA. Click here to book your 100% discreet, no-obligation consultation to see if Viveve is right for you! https://puravida.respond.ontraport.net/viveve-calendar-v2